Workshops and Seminars

Kink Clinic offers workshops aimed at new and recent members of the kink community, as well as educational seminars regarding sexual health and relationships within kink.

From private dungeons to leading universities, Kink Clinic strives to provide people with the resources and information they need to lead happy, safe, sane and consensual kink lives.

Mentoring Services

Mentoring services are private arrangements for individuals and people in relationships.   From one off sessions to long term guidance, a Kink Clinic sexpert will create a program to cater to your unique needs, educating you in safe practices, tips, tricks and techniques.

These are most commonly requested as face to face, hands on tuition, however we do have some long distance video chat mentoring availability.

Personal Shopping

Would you like a kink sexpert to build you the ultimate toy bag? Maybe you’d like a sex toy expert to accompany you on a shopping trip to help you indentify the very best option for your unique needs, whatever your kinky shopping needs, we’re here to help!


Available for free, every fortnight, Lady Severine and Mina Hyena will be answering your anonymous, kink related questions. Find us on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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For prices, location availability and to make a booking, please contact us here.