SEXPO Brisbane Kink Clinic seminars

Thank you to everyone who joined us for a Kink Clinic seminar over the epic three days of SEXPO! It was wonderful to meet so many people and to get to hear the amazing questions that you had for us. This has been the most wonderful experience and we can't wait to bring more Kink Clinic sessions out in to the community. A huge thank you to all of our supporters, our listeners and our patreons.

Episode three – Sadism with Mastress Caer 

Mina Hyena talks with our very first Kink Clinic special guest, Mastress Caer! 

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Episode two available now

Lady Severine and Mina Hyena tackle three questions in this episode, including a great question from another kinky podcaster, Dick Wound from Off The Cuffs. 

What were our radioactive spider bites into kink? Where’s the best place to meet kinky people? How do you communicate in a gag or a noisy club? Which Harry Potter character will Sev desire BDSM fanfic of? Find out now on iTunes and SoundCloud!

Minisode #1 out tomorrow 

As a gift to our Patreons we’ll be releasing a minisode once a fortnight just for you!

Our first minisode is your very first instalment of Lady Severine’s explicit and concise sex toy reviews. Very NSFW. Headphones are your friend. 

Not sure whether to become a Patreon or not? Have this minisode on us! It’ll be available on iTunes and SoundCloud with our regular content to give you a taste of what’s to come…

Episode One 

I couldn’t be more excited to share our first episode with you. This project means the world to me and I’m so thrilled to have this new format to share with the community.

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Meet the Sexperts…

Photo credit: Catch Fox Photography & Big Babes Beautiful Photography

Mina Hyena & Lady Severine are the resident Sexperts of the Kink Clinic podcast. We’ll be answering your anonymous kinky questions and providing resources and reviews for kinksters everwhere.

If you’d like to learn a little about who we are and what we do, please check out our podcast teaser on iTunes or right here:

Kink Clinic Podcast Ep 1 out Saturday!

Episode 1 of Kink Clinic will be available this Saturday, the 27th May 2017, releasing around midday AEST. A link to the show will be posted at time of release but in the meantime there’s still loads you can do to support us and get involved!

We’re now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and iTunes, all as /kinkclinic or @kinkclinic

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Welcome to the Kink Clinic

Come into the dungeon, take a seat, buckle yourselves in and prepare for a journey into the inner workings of kink!

We’re here to answer your questions, share resources and support the community.

Our main aim is to give newcomers to kink a safe place to learn, explore and grow, whilst providing resources and links to services that can benefit even the most seasoned perverts!

We run workshops in Brisbane Australia as well as supporting our global community online and through our soon to be released podcast.

Content is going to be uploaded soon and added to regularly, so please, watch this space!

– Lady Severine